Taryn Jacobs adopted the name Orpin in 2020 while working on her debut EP Loneliness is a Powerful Thing. Taryn is greatly influenced by nature and the throws of nostalgia, which is evident in her work. Taryn has been active in the music scene since 2012 when she began posting her original songs on Youtube. Over the years, Taryn has expanded onto soundcloud, and now with her EP, professional streaming services.

Taryn is a founding member of Firebelly and Firebelly Sessions, alongside Brayden Krueger and Riley Barnes (also known as The Harmful). Taryn has collaborated with numerous artists and musicians including David English, Jay Jillard, Vanessa Oly, Brayden Krueger and more.

Taryn is currently working on her next EP Sounds from the Attic (Working Title) where she explores themes of isolation and intimacy. Taryn is influenced by nature and the world around her. Taryn looks forward to putting together a full length album and hopes to do so by 2023.

Loneliness is a Powerful Thing artwork
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The Harmful is the passion project and life blood of Riley Barnes. Starting out as a way to release songs that didn’t fit within other bands, the project fully developed over time and became its own with the release of I Am Here, Please Let Me In in 2017. The project follow Riley’s musical interests, and is currently based around electronic music, with an emphasis on exploring textures and soundscapes.

The lyrics written on his first album “Endless feelings that we receive as a response to a harsh calamity or a long drive” have rung true through The Harmful’s music. Throughout his discography, he paint pictures of intimate moments between himself, those he is close to, and the environments they are surrounded by; expressing the abstract through detailed descriptive passages.

The Harmful is currently focused on committing to consistent releases through EPs, and developing as an artist through experimentation. Riley can also be found producing, mixing and mastering for other artists within Firebelly and within Greater Toronto Area.

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At the edge of the sea in view of a yellow moon, at your parents’ dining table eating in silence, or at the mouth of some sort of purgatory (a waiting room, an undefined relationship, at the fork of yes and no), you may find yourself lulled to rest by Kelso Jeans and dropped into the middle of a dream.

Loving writing and music since she was little, Kelly Estomo lends herself to stark imagery and dreamy guitar, floating in between emo-folk singer-songwriter and head-nodding indie rock. She has been crafting years’ worth of songs to be released in 2022, with the hopes of a fully-realized project.

Kelly can be found around the Greater Toronto Area and close to her hometown in Mississauga. She uses her experiences as a visual artist, ultimate-guitar dot com tabs, and knack for feeling everything at 100% to help write her songs.

Siren Song artwork
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CINDER is the brainchild of long time musicians and collaborators Robyn Bond and Sam Reilly. Taking heavy influence from early post-punk work, CINDER’s music is written primarily on bass wand supported by cacophonous synths, drums, and plenty of vocal layering.

Reilly’s lyricism is deeply emotive and cathartic, leaning heavily on feelings that accompany coming of age memories and heartache. Nostalgia is a key ingredient in lyrics and overall production throughout all of CINDER’s work.

More recently joined by co-producer and guitarist Daniel Copithorn and instrumentalist Sean Panacci, CINDER performs as a 4 piece group.  Their debut EP “saucers for eyes”was released April 6th 2022, following the release of first single “flesh world” December 9th 2021.

Saucers for Eyes artwork Flesh World artwork
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Brayden Krueger is a founding member of Firebelly. As a percussionist, Brayden is an active performer within the Toronto music scene. Brayden frequently collaborates with fellow Firebelly artist Orpin, and can be heard playing drum set on her most recent release, Loneliness is a Powerful Thing. Currently, Brayden is a percussionist with the National Youth Orchestra of Canada, a position in which he has held since 2019 and is working with Toronto based Indie-Band Los City on recording a full length record. Brayden recently premiered InVert by Toronto based composer Louis Pino, an electroacoustic improvisatory work which highlights MUGIC Motion Sensor allowing for Brayden to manipulate the electroacoustic sound in real time though his physical motion.

In his early career Brayden has performed with the Windsor, Kitchener-Waterloo, Stratford and Guelph Symphonies as well as the London Symphonia. Brayden has also been a featured artist with the Open Ears Festival of Music and Sound in Kitchener as well as the Caramoor Summer Music Festival in Katonah, NY. Brayden also frequently collaborates with Toronto based flutist Amanda Lowry, in which their duo premiered Fearless by Rebekah Cummings, winning the Karen Keiser Composition Prize from the University of Toronto.

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Lyncanyon is the solo project of musician Robyn Bond (she/they), a drummer, co-writer and collaborator with many other artists in Toronto.

Robyn draws inspiration from a long-standing love of nature and experiences of self-discovery in adolescence. Unfolding interaction between her self exploration and creative practice are the driving factor in her songwriting.

On January 8, 2020, she discretely released a song on her bandcamp page titled you were here, which was her first release as a solo artist. The song invokes a great feeling of distance, while speaking melancholically about a past relationship.

You were here artwork
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